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Our prototype.

We have been building this little beauty since July at Heeley City Farm. 

It's a one-bedroom 320sq ft open plan show home - come and see! 

This picture was taken in early November and the look has changed quite a bit since then so don't be put off - it was still a work in progress! 

We will be working with our partners to test and perfect the prototype over the next few weeks, which will involve a few lucky people getting to spend time inside as if they were living there. A blog will be added as soon as we have tenants!

We need to show that the new technology works, as no-one has to date put Passivhaus style insulation into a shipping container (confirmed by the Passivhaus Institute!).

We also need to fine-tune the MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) pump, solar panels and appliances & fittings.

Other features still to be installed are the landscaping and grey water/rainwater harvesting system. 

Our eco-features include;

Passivhaus-style insulation.

MVHR (BluMartin FreeAir 1000)

Low-flow shower/sinks

Enphase 1.2kW solar battery

6 x Enphase 285w solar panels with built-in micro-inverters.

Argon-filled glazing with low-transmission spacers

Innotherm 50mm recycled denim insulation

Earthwool ceiling insulation

Decatherm insulated plasterboard

Insul8ed Complete soft-sheen paint

Reclaimed materials;

structural timber throughout

decorative wood trims

bedroom and kitchen timber

Bathroom tiling - 75% 

external 120mm insulation panels 

all internal cavity insulation 

Concrete slabs for corner supports 

Wooden flooring (stage panel & scaffold board) 

10 and 22mm Water piping  

UPVC window and door frames - 60%

planters and decking

green roof boxes and linings



We will be adding details here soon of the actual or estimated u-values of the materials used and the costings.

We will also be adding details of the energy consumption to compare against the average UK domestic consumption of 200kW/m2/year - and hopefully a live feed from the inverter to see how much free electricity we are actually producing (which can also be tracked by an app on my phone! 

Currently we have generated a massive 90kW since Jan 28th - meaning the house is paying for itself and exporting energy to the S Y Energy Centre too! 

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