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Container homes are still a rarity in the Uk. There are a few, of which probably the best known are at Container City opposite the O2 Arena in London's Docklands and BoxPark in Croyden.

Other examples are Richardson's Yard in Brighton (homeless hostel, below) and Raynes Court in Stoke Newington (right), where flats are on the market for up to £620,000 - so when asked if there is a resale value that's the example I always quote!   


Containers themselves have only been round since 1956, when an enterprising US truck driver named Malcolm McLean invented them in his lunch break and revolutionised international transport.  The first homes didn't appear until the late 70's so no-one really knows how long they will last - and still perform well and look good. Like Malcolm, we want to change the world first and then see where we end up.

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